PCMM Registry

If you are a preclinical researcher and wish to register

Visit the PCMM Registry Website

Preclinical investigators in pediatric cancer and hematology, or those with an interest in pediatric disorders, are encouraged to register and indicate their areas of interest and expertise in the Network Registry, including their expertise in tumor tissues and sites, research models, and research technologies. Registration will indicate an interest in collaborating in Network projects.

The Governance and Scientific Oversight Committee (GSOC), in collaboration with the Bionformatics Core (BIC), utilizes the registry database to identify scientists conducting research pertinent to a prioritized preclinical research question. Registrants who meet the criteria for a given preclinical research question will be invited to collaborate. The program aims to identify researchers with a proven track record in the required preclinical area, ideally those ready to conduct analyses that will support translation to early phase studies.

Additionally, investigators have the option to search the registry for potential collaborators possessing expertise or resources for projects independent of current funding opportunities. This approach enhances the collaborative potential within the research community and facilitates synergistic efforts toward advancing scientific endeavors.


What is the PCMM network registry?

The PCMM registry is an online registration tool and a database of Canadian preclinical researchers in pediatric cancer. The registry collects information about researchers' expertise, including the tumor types they are interested in, the technologies and model systems they use, and specific genes they are studying. The registry is used by the GSOC and BIC to identify scientists who are doing work relevant to a prioritized research question.

Who should register?

All preclinical researchers in hematology or oncology are invited to register.

What happens after I register?

For a given preclinical research question, the bioinformatics core will conduct a search within the registry to identify potential matches, relying on the information provided by registrants. If you are identified as a match and fulfill the additional criteria, you will be considered for collaboration on the respective project. No additional contact with the Network is required; however, you are encouraged to revisit the registry periodically to ensure your information is up-to-date. This streamlined process aims to facilitate efficient collaboration and project alignment within the research network.

Can I use the registry to establish connections, independent of the funding program?

Yes, registrants can also search the registry to find potential collaborators for projects that are independent of the PCMM funding program. The contact information of other registrants, as well as your own, may be visible, based on the privacy setting set by each person.

Who will see the information I submit?

The visibility of your information will depend on the Data Privacy and Partner registry sharing settings specified on the Profile page. By default, the Privacy Level is set to “Public”, but you can choose other settings if preferred. Available settings options are explained in Documentation.